Obvious Arts on the BBC – See iPlayer before 11th November 2017

Filmed in the Spring of 2017 at Scarlet House Care Home here in Stroud. Watch from 30:48 to 37:00 for a quality snapshot of a Seated T’ai Chi session and some background on the beginnings of my practice. The programme will remain on BBC iplayer until 11th November at this link:


If you missed it, try Youtube (watch from 30:48 to 37:00) on this  link:

I’m in the process of obtaining the relevant excerpt from the documentary and will post it here asap!

Thanks to the Beeb and all involved in filming, especially Sheila for her kind comments on the session.

April update 2017

The Seated T’ai Chi page is now properly available at obviousarts.com, so take a peek in the search box for it. It includes some recent photos and a sample poster. I hope soon to be able to include video footage shot by the BBC last month for a TV documentary later this year. I understand there may be a delay before it is released, and I will post the material as soon as it is made available to me.

Sonic art and Radio
have been keeping me busy too. Thanks to Alice Armstrong of Soundart Radio for co-hosting the workshop on Radio Recording And Podcasting last week. Thanks also to Kat at Atelier Stroud for putting on the event at her space, and to all our budding new programme makers who attended – it was a great pleasure to work with you. This was part of Stroud Valleys Artspaces Site festival ‘Resound Radio’, as was the Sonic Soup sound collage installation last Saturday. Thanks to all who came and played in the space, and to Jo at SVA for the podcast – here’s the link to that.

Obvious Arts Spring 2017

Our new developments in Storytelling, Live Performance and seated T’ai Chi will appear here in early March  – I’m reviewing this website right now. Meanwhile, please enjoy these tidbits concerning…


Separation from Nature: (volume is a little low) James Hillman in a typically thought-provoking interview.



The T’ai Chi Union for Great Britain: info for anyone looking into this jewel of Chinese culture.





Sound And Movement Therapeutic Sessions – 2016

FERGUS RYAN – Director/Session Leader 

I have over thirteen years professional arts and care sector experience with people of all ages, encompassing a wide range of special needs. I am offering work with individuals or groups.

My approach is about empowerment, expression and fun. It draws on my work as a Performer, Arts Graduate, Activities Co-ordinator, Care Leader, and my own recovery from serious brain injury.

Sound and music sessions:

  • Group Singing – accompanied on guitar, with percussion instruments for the group. We can also make a recording of the group’s favourite songs to keep.
  • Sound Sculpture – creating an improvised collage of sound using voice, body, instruments and ambient noise. Recordings can be kept and also used as sound materials in the session.
  • Making Songs – Fun with words and music; or as a guided therapeutic project to capture a memory or an experience in song. As above, the song can be recorded.

Body and movement sessions:

  • T’ai Chi for special needs – improves co-ordination, health and awareness through gentle exercise. Provides a tool for managing stress. Great for Falls Prevention.
  • Seated Qi Gong and Yoga – maintains good posture and breathing for people with restricted mobility or using wheelchairs. Remarkable health benefits.
  • Contact Improvisation – using movement to connect with each other, either by touch or at an appropriate distance.


Structure and Pricing:

Sessions can be morning or afternoon and last from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, tailored to the needs of your people. A short refreshment break is recommended for longer sessions. After the session I provide a written review before leaving, to support your own documentation.

Staff and/or family are of course welcome, in line with your policies and procedures.

Group sessions cost £50. Group size is discussed in advance in order to provide appropriate support for the participants.

One to one sessions cost £40. These can be more responsive to current needs, working well as a complement to ongoing care and support.

Contact: fergusryan@obviousarts.com         www.obviousarts.com