Obvious Arts Spring 2017

Our new developments in Storytelling, Live Performance and seated T’ai Chi will appear here in early March  – I’m reviewing this website right now. Meanwhile, please enjoy these tidbits concerning…


Separation from Nature: (volume is a little low) James Hillman in a typically thought-provoking interview.



The T’ai Chi Union for Great Britain: info for anyone looking into this jewel of Chinese culture.





Sound And Movement Therapeutic Sessions – 2016

FERGUS RYAN – Director/Session Leader 

I have over thirteen years professional arts and care sector experience with people of all ages, encompassing a wide range of special needs. I am offering work with individuals or groups.

My approach is about empowerment, expression and fun. It draws on my work as a Performer, Arts Graduate, Activities Co-ordinator, Care Leader, and my own recovery from serious brain injury.

Sound and music sessions:

  • Group Singing – accompanied on guitar, with percussion instruments for the group. We can also make a recording of the group’s favourite songs to keep.
  • Sound Sculpture – creating an improvised collage of sound using voice, body, instruments and ambient noise. Recordings can be kept and also used as sound materials in the session.
  • Making Songs – Fun with words and music; or as a guided therapeutic project to capture a memory or an experience in song. As above, the song can be recorded.

Body and movement sessions:

  • T’ai Chi for special needs – improves co-ordination, health and awareness through gentle exercise. Provides a tool for managing stress. Great for Falls Prevention.
  • Seated Qi Gong and Yoga – maintains good posture and breathing for people with restricted mobility or using wheelchairs. Remarkable health benefits.
  • Contact Improvisation – using movement to connect with each other, either by touch or at an appropriate distance.


Structure and Pricing:

Sessions can be morning or afternoon and last from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, tailored to the needs of your people. A short refreshment break is recommended for longer sessions. After the session I provide a written review before leaving, to support your own documentation.

Staff and/or family are of course welcome, in line with your policies and procedures.

Group sessions cost £50. Group size is discussed in advance in order to provide appropriate support for the participants.

One to one sessions cost £40. These can be more responsive to current needs, working well as a complement to ongoing care and support.

Contact: fergusryan@obviousarts.com         www.obviousarts.com